Technology and Innovation

Survey Passport

Quality research comes from deeply engaged respondents. With our Survey Passport mobile app, ECI can access respondents, whether at home or on-the-go, making it even easier and more fun for respondents to not only complete surveys but make diary/journal entries and take videos/photos, all from their phone or tablet.

Survey Passport enables ECI to provide you with even more in-depth understanding of your consumers.

  • Catalog real-time diary entries to allow for more accurate product usage insights

  • Collect free-form journal entries to understand their thoughts/feelings that can be developed into product experience “stories”

  • Gather pictures/videos during a home use test—see your respondents using your products in real-time and sharing their feelings about them, whether in their homes or out and about

  • Send notifications that a callback survey or task is waiting to keep your respondents involved and on-track

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